Music of Choices

Musical happening for 1 pianist, 1 artificial intelligence and an audience
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with Alexandros Markeas: Concept, Composition, Interpretation
Music: Alexandros Markeas, commissioned by the Ircam-Centre Pompidou
Direction, Set Design: Aliénor Dauchez
Web Development: Christoph Knoth
Lighting: David Eckelmann
Dramaturgy: Bastian Zimmermann
Ircam Algorithmic Musical Direction: Manuel Poletti
Ircam Scientific Collaboration: Benjamin Matuszewski, Jérôme Nika


Centre Pompidou, Großer Saal, Paris

Production: delegated to the Ircam
Coproduction: Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou, La Cage

With his love for improvisation and inventing technological worlds, Alexandros Markeas appeals to the audience’s decisions, choices and votes. Around the keyboards played by the composer-interpreter, Music of Choices offers different types of representation —concert, semi-improvised performance, art installation. Under Aliénor Dauchez’s direction, the questions put to the audience range from the specific to the absurd: do you prefer empty streets or forests? Ruins or cats? Marketing might well have inured us to an absence of choice under the guise of endless offers, but autonomy and bifurcation are shifting notions here. They operate between the three interlocutors of this dialogue: a pianist, the machine, and an audience.