In Between – Narcisse

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Musical Direction: Matthias Pintscher

Scenography: Aliénor Dauchez, Michael Kleine

Music: Beat Furrer, Yves Chauris, Brice Pauset, Pierre Boulez, Yann Robin
Assistance: Cassandra Cristin, Cécilia Franco

Perfume: Georg Scherlin

Photos: Quentin Chevrier


Cité de la musique, salle des concerts

An Ensemble intercontemporain, Philharmonie de Paris coproduction

In coproduction with the Ircam –Centre Pompidou and La Cage

With support from the Sacem

Narcissus is a curiously ‘formal’ myth, both from a visual and sonic point of view, and one that has inspired many masterpieces in the history of painting. It is also a myth that largely operates in the domain of psychology, since it relates to the ego. But as with many other myths, the story only providesa framework: whoever engages with it can take it in their own direction. For instance, many do not know that Narcissus was born from the rape of his mother...