Concept and Direction: Aliénor Dauchez
Composition: Michael Rauter
Dramaturgy: Jette Büchsenschütz
Set Design, Costumes: Miriam Marto, Aliénor Dauchez

Performance: Josefine Mühle, Jessica Gadani, Antoine Sarrazin

Sound Direction: Margaux Robin, Caleb Salgado
Light: Laurence Magnée
Technical Direction: Sebastian Söllner
Climbing Techniques: Manu Gillain
Production: Livia Tarsia in Curia, Julius Graupner
Assistants: Simone Gisela Weber, Violette Daures, Dovile Aleksaite
Graphic Design: Fernanda Braun Santos
Public Relations: Apricot Productions
Video: Christina Voigt
Photos: Robert Hamacher, Yanina Isla

Ornithological Advisor: Ralph Müller
Whistled Languages Advisor: Philippe Biu

Executive Production La Cage
Coproduction Maison de la Culture d’Amiens
Funded with help from the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Berlin, Région Hauts-de-France, Drac Hauts-de-France
In cooperation with TANDEM Scène Nationale Arras-Douai, Kultur Büro Elisabeth and Theaterhaus Schöneweide

What will there be left to hear once birds have disappeared? In a not-so-distant future, the audience enters a polyphonic web of voices, woven from forgotten memories of what was once heard and what we once thought we heard. The three performers, singers and dancers, embody hybrid bird creatures that have left behind them the boundary between human, machine and animal.
Imitation of bird songs and sounds mingle to create a musical ornithology, composed by Michael Rauter, that reaches far beyond our species-specific perception. A temporary territory appears, inhabited by song.